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instructional technology icons arranged in an arrow shapeJoint Digital has had the pleasure of serving many clients in the higher education practice over the last 18 years. We have provided faculty with just-in-time professional development all the way to fully immersive courses challenging faculty to think about teaching in a completely new online environment. We have experience working with both full-time and adjunct faculty at four-year Universities and two-year colleges.  We recognize that both faculty groups have many common professional development pursuits.  However, we also know that the needs for each of these groups can be different.  Our goal is to provide them with the skills they need to provide a positive and enriching experience to each student in the classroom; regardless of the delivery modality.

Over the last several years, student success is at the heart of strategic initiatives for most higher education institutions.  At Joint Digital, we ask the question, why is it that this is an issue now?  Shouldn’t student success have been the goal since the beginning of organized education?  We have always put student success first.  Our work consulting with institutions and individual faculty members strives to provide the very best in pedagogical practices while also being an advocate for the learner.  Joint digital knows that providing support for students in E-learning programs and courses is another way, beyond professional development, to provide support to E-learning faculty.  Take a look at the available E-learning tools that Joint Digital has created and made available for free to anyone interested in the success of students in E-learning programs.

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At Joint Digital, we are really proud of all the work that we do.  So much so, that we like to show off our most recent work completed for clients.  Sometimes, our client work cannot be shared because of the negotiated agreement.  The Joint Digital portfolio is not exhaustive for that reason.  If you have an idea, or would like us to help you conceive something entirely new, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  We are very happy to entertain any and all ideas.  In fact, that is where we thrive!  Often our clients bring an idea to us and we create a finished product that exceeds our clients initial expectations. Life-long learning is a hallmark of those in the higher education field. We recognize that learning is very much a critical message for those in the teaching and learning profession.  Joint Digital takes this work very seriously.  Take a look at some of our projects.