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Hand on a wired mouseJoint Digital is a small company that has been consulting in the Instructional Design and Technology fields since 2002.  Our clients range in size from 4 to over 5000!  Our combined experience of over 25 years allows us to truly understand what is necessary to create the right kind of distance-delivered training experience. Many of our clients have adopted a hybrid approach to training.  This utilizes both an online E-learning component along with a portion of the training done in the face-to-face classroom for opportunities to practically apply what participants are learning online.  This combines the best of both worlds and is proven to speed up the time performance improves on the job.

Joint Digital has engaged with clients on projects for compliance, internal communications, outside marketing, and client support and education. We understand that there are different needs, and for that matter, styles of learning.  Joint Digital strives to address the needs of the client while being an advocate for the learner.

Technology is a tool.  A tool, when used properly, can multiply the effectiveness of your company’s message. Every message is critical. No one understands this more than Joint Digital.

Portrait of Managing Partner Matt Ensenberger

Matthew J. Ensenberger, MS

Matt is the Founder and Managing Director for Joint Digital.  He earned a B.S. in Photography Media in 1997 from Western Illinois University.  Matt spent a year as the staff photographer for the Illinois House of Representatives.  A year later, he returned to WIU to earn a M.S. in Instructional Technology and Telecommunications, granted in 2000.  Matt went on to work for one of the Big 5 Accounting firms as an instructional Design Consultant on a Business Process Risk Consulting team.  He moved from the corporate environment to higher education where he became the Director of the Center for Innovative Instruction at Harper College in Palatine, Illinois.

Since 2002, Joint Digital has consulted for accounting firms, law firms, technology companies, institutions of higher education, and government grant funded organizations helping start-up businesses in rural Illinois.  Collaborating with these businesses, Joint Digital has worked, and in many cases, continues to work to help these companies to train their employees. No matter the subject, and regardless of whether the audience is internal or external, every company has critical messages they need to deliver.  The next time your message is critical, contact Joint Digital!